Apple iPhone 5 To Be Released On August 7?

Here goes the rumor mill again. A website KnowYourMobile has disclosed, citing undisclosed industry resources, that the Apple iPhone 5 will be launched on August 7 this year, during a keynote speech at an event scheduled to take place on August 7, with a release following it later in the day.

Why is The Launch Of iPhone 5 Being Pushed Ahead?


Apple, if it is launching the iPhone 5 on August 7, has surely pushed the launch ahead of its earlier rumored launch date of September-October to better compete with another phone that is rumored to be an iPhone killer-The Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • Apple might even try to gather some momentum in its sales before the Android powered Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is launched later this year.
  • Apple has reported decline in sales of its older iPhone models as people are waiting anxiously to get their hands on the newer model.
  • Apple is also under threat, or can be assumed to be under threat, from new smartphones being launched on the Windows 8 platform.

What To Expect In The iPhone 5


Many features have been confirmed on the iPhone 5, and here is a list of what all is coming on board and what all is *rumored to tag along*.

What is definitely coming:

  • The latest operating system, iOS 6.
  • An improved version of the voice assistant Siri.
  • Improvements in the Safari browser, mail and photo stream and Passbook.

What Is Rumored To Come

  • A 4.0″ screen, although leaked reports suggest its definitely coming.
  • A bigger camera, probably 12MP.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) chip, although if it comes, we would prefer if it works with all phones.
  • Improved graphics and better improved iCloud integration.

iPhone 5 Already Available on pre-order !!


Dont ask me where the iPhone 5 went on sale even before it was launched. There is only one place in the world where this is possible- China. Taobao, part of the Alibaba group, already has sellers requesting deposits to secure the first iPhone 5′s that are produced, with some even asking for upto $1100 for it. The modus-operandi is similar- buy the iPhone 5 from Hong Kong or USA and smuggle it into China.

Are People Crazy?


In China, they are. Earlier too, people have caused mini-riots trying to get their hands on the new iPhones, with a mini-riot taking place when the 4S was launched, after the Apple store shut down because it could not take the rush.

  • A Chinese teenager even sold a kidney off to raise money to buy an iPhone.
  • The biggest gainer in this whole Apple rat-race is China Mobile, which despite not even supporting Apple, already has 1million of these devices on its network.
  • It is supporting the iPhone 5, and the number of subscribers is bound to increase now.

Its a waiting game now to see how true this news is, especially since Apple will launch the iOS 6 in September-October. We can just wait for the iPhone 5 to be released, and see whether the iPhone 5 can, in the words of Foxconn leader Terry Gou, “put Samsung’s Galaxy III to shame”

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