Anonymous Brings Down Government Website

Anonymous Brings Down Govt Website

Hactivist group Anonymous attacked and brought down the website run by CERT-In, the Computer Emergency Response team India, the premier security agency of the country dealing with cyber threats.


Although the sites, and are up and running now, they were temporarily shut down following the June 9 protests across India against the decision of the India Government o censor the web and blocking of certain websites. A tweet from the group’s twitter handle, @opindia_revenge, read:

This is your response team #india! They can’t even protect themselves. How will they protect others.

anonymous-indiaAnonymous uses DDos attacks, which are different from hacking. While hacking means breaking into the servers, DDoS attacks constitute sending large amounts of traffic to the servers in such a way that it overwhelms the servers, causing them to overload or respond very slowly, while they respond to the large amounts of external communication requests. It generally leads to the target server being reset, or using up its resources like bandwidth, so that it cannot provide its intended service any longer.

Previous Attacks By Anonymous:


This is not the first attack by Anonymous against the Indian Govt. Anonymous had warned the India Government that it will be attacked if it did not change its policies regarding freedom of speech, especially after a journalist was killed. In this video, Anonymous warns the Government of actions if it did not allow full freedom of speech.

After the Madras High Court passed orders to block file-sharing sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Thepiratebay and, (rumored to be on the complaint filed by the people of the movie “3″, whose song, incidentally, we all had made famous. If you remember the song, good, else, why this kolaveri di). While the order did not specifically say ban these sites, ISp’s played safe and banned them. Anonymous hit back, attacking sites of Congress, Reliance communications and latest, MTNL on Wednesday. In a video, Anonymous blasted the IT Act 2008 and blamed Dept Of Telecom and its minister Kapil Sibal for this. While it has not destroyed any websites till now, having only disrupted their services, Anonymous sent out a message to people saying:

People should not be afraid of their governments.
Governments should be afraid of their people.

Anonymous Backs Protests Across The Country

June 9 saw protests throughout the country, on calls by Anonymous to protest against the censorship of the internet. The protests were peaceful, modeled on the “Occupy Wall Street” lines, but were not that big. A tweet from Anonymous said:

#india –> Tomorrow we stand for our rights. We stand to free internet. To #stopCensorship. Do not be afraid. Keep calm. No violence

The group mentioned that it was apolitical and that if any politician wants to join the protests he can do so “as a common man fighting for free internet, fighting for free speech.”


Protests in Bangalore

More attacks can be expected in the coming days, if one goes by what was said in the videos. They don’t forgive. They don’t forget. Expect them. They are Anonymous.

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