10 Plugins Your WordPress Site MUST Have

Plugins are software components that add specific features to an already existing software. In the case of WordPress, there are many plugins available which help us to customize our website according to our needs and desires. Given below is a list of 10 plugins that you MUST HAVE installed to run a great website.



Here is a list of top 10 plugins that you might want to install on your site ASAP.


This plugin is the best when it comes to protecting your blog from spam comments and trackback spam. It will keep messages that it perceives to be spam in the spam box for your moderation. It also adapts itself when you classify a message that it let off as OK as spam. You can get download the plugin here and get the API key here.


This is one of my favorite plugins. It adds social buttons both in fixed as well as floating form, as you can see on the left while scrolling down. You can choose the size of icons, include your ID’s in Facebook and Twitter shares, add e-mail and print buttons, choose where all to display the buttons and also enable lazy loading. You can download the plugin from here.

3. Easy Tynt

This is one plugin which ensures that you get your due credit when someone blindly copies your content. It adds a link back to the source when some text is copied from your site and pasted on another site. You can also add your Facebook and Twitter ID’s in the link back. It also provides you details of how many times content was copied, the most copied posts and social shares. You can download the plugin here and get your free account here.

4. Google Analytics For WordPress

This is for users who would like in-depth tracking of visitor flow in their site. Apart from the basic function of placing the Google Analytics code in your website, this plugin does a load of tracking and segmenting data according to user requirements. Highly recommended for people having an online business. Get the plugin here.

5. Google XML Sitemaps

Consider entering a new town without a map. Lost, eh? So will the googlebot, if you don’t have a map of your website. Google XML Sitemap and Google XML Sitemap for Images plugins help the googlebot in identifying the areas of your website that you would like to show up on Google. Combined, they both help to make all your SEO efforts worthy of ranking. You can get them here and here respectively.

wordpress-plugins6. Jetpack

This is by far the most important plugin to install, as it can combine the work of 3-4 plugins in 1. It can add contact forms, subscription forms, help serve images via WordPress.com CDN, acts as a social publishing tool, embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo and many more tasks !! Find them all here.

7. nRelate

This plugin comes as a trio and helps to improve time spent by visitors on a site by showing more related contents and also the most popular posts on a website, both in fixed and flyout form. There are many different layouts to choose from and you can also add your own CSS. You can even earn by showing sponsored posts. Find these plugins here, here and here.

8. Quick Adsense

This plugin is the best plugin (according to me) for placing ads on your website. You can place max 10 ads (from all possible sources) on a page using this. You have different placement options, like at the beginning, at the middle, before the last para or at the end of a post. You can also choose after which image should an ad be displayed, or after which paragraph. You can also turn an ad ON/OFF in a specific post or change layout of ads using codes. Get this plugin here.

9. W3 Total Cache

This is THE MOST IMPORTANT plugin to be used in a website. It helps to improve page load speed, improve user experience, save on bandwidth and processing power and also seamlessly integrate CDN with your blog. You can view the complete setup guide, the CDN setup guide and get the plugin here. This plugin is very highly recommended.

10. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is another great plugin from my personal best developer – Joost de Valk. This is a comprehensive plugin taking care of all your SEO and technical needs. Apart from the fact that it does an excellent job taking care of on-page SEO (this article is optimized using it), it also makes sure all technical dummies like me can handle websites like a pro. It allows you to choose formats of posts and titles, enable XML sitemaps (I could not figure it out properly, hence XML Sitemaps), work on your RSS feeds and edit files like .htaccess . You can also import and export your settings between multiple sites. Find out the configuration settings here and the plugin here

Please note that it might not be possible to list all great plugins here. If you think we missed out on a very good plugin, please share the name in the comments below !!.

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